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  • 3D Grateful Dead Flower Bears Mini Tapestry 30x45 - Art by Ben Corn
  • 3D Grateful Dead Flower Bears Mini Tapestry 30x45 - Art by Ben Corn
3D Grateful Dead Flower Bears Mini Tapestry 30x45 - Art by Ben Corn

3D Grateful Dead Flower Bears Mini Tapestry 30x45 - Art by Ben Corn

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3-D Grateful Dead Flower Bears Mini Tapestry 30x45"… "If you go out in the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise..."

MSRP $24.95

Artwork by Ben Corn

The Grateful Dead are the psychedelic era's most beloved musical ambassadors and one of the most powerful bands of all time. They meant so much to so many people in so many ways. Millions of fans would put their lives on hold and tour with them for weeks (or sometimes years), and an enduring “Deadhead” culture was born. The still-thriving Deadhead community is alive and well today. The spirit of the music and the community that supports it are the focus of all of our designs. Most of us here are Deadheads ourselves. Their songs still play in our heads and we go to every show that we can. Hope to see you there soon... 



3-D Tapestry - Artwork appears to float of the fabric when viewed through special Sunshine Joy 3D glasses (sold separately).  You stare at your new Sunshine Joy tapestry intently as it hangs on your wall. You marvel at its intricate and well-crafted design and love the beauty it brings to your environment. The colors and artwork are inspiring. One would never expect anything more from this printed fabric, but then, you break out Sunshine Joy’s 3-D Glasses, and WOW. You have gone deep down through the rabbit hole and into another dimension. It appears that you can get your hands behind the colors, and it’s fun watching your friends do just that.


Versatile and Convenient - Designed as wall hanging art, our tapestries have many uses. People use them at home for wall hangings, tablecloths, bedsheets, room dividers, curtains, couch and futon covers, window treatments, ceiling decor and to quickly cover large piles of dirty laundry or clutter.


Corner loops make our tapestries easy to hang. Secure your picnic sheet down at the park. At festivals, stake out an appropriate amount of space for your friends. Tie up sunscreen at the campsite. Add some privacy to your car. Great at the beach as a windproof beach sheet or sun cover-up…Quality Construction - Our tapestries are printed, not quilted or woven. They are hippie Indian tapestries. Thin as sheet. Good, tight power loom construction with hemmed edges. 


Keep your store neat - Tapestry comes packaged on a hanger with a picture of the design, so you can sell them wherever T-Shirts are displayed. 


Made from 100% cotton.


Modern Artists, Old School Production - Sunshine Joy infuses modern art with traditional hand-printing. They are printed by hand in India.  


Tapestry measures approximately 30 x 45 inches.


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