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Liability Disclaimer and User Agreement
Prior to using this website- I fully agree to the terms set forth here:

Under no circumstances will the seller (Sunshine Joy) be liable for any damages or expenses by reason of use or sale of Sunshine Joy products.

I hereby release from any legal liability Sunshine Joy including its owners, agents, and employees from any and all liability for damage, injury or death to myself, my minor children or any other person or property resulting the selection, assembly, maintenance or use of such equipment and any claim based upon negligence, breach of warranty, contract or legal theory accepting myself the full responsibility for any and all such damage, injury or death which may result. This also applies to any minors whom I supply with these products.

I further agree that any and all liability of Sunshine Joy including its owners, agents and employees resulting from the selection, assembly, maintenance or use of this equipment shall be limited to the purchase price of any such equipment. Sunshine Joy products are not intended for use in breaking the law. The buyer acknowledges and agrees that the disclaimer of any liability for personal injury is a material term for this agreement and the buyer agrees to indemnify the Seller and to hold the Seller harmless from any claim related to the item of the equipment purchased.

Any suit or other legal proceedings concerning the injury or death from the selection, assembly, maintenance or use of this equipment may be brought only in the courts of Providence County, Rhode Island. I consent to jurisdiction and venue of any such court in any such proceeding.