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Tie-Dyed T-Shirts Custom Printed

Tie-Dye T-shirts and garments are back.  All shirts are dyed to order. Choose your design. Choose your colors.  Choose your garment. Wholesale only.  Call 401-769-8800

Custom Printed Tie-Dye T-shirts

Choose from these printable tie-dye patterns and colors.    

Arc Vat Dyes  Crackle Dyes  Pinwheel Dyes  Exotic Dyes  Shooters Dyes  Primary Spiral Dyes  Multi Spiral Dyes  Twister Dyes  Center Circle Dyes  Torso Dyes  Multi V Dyes  Multi V Dyes 

Vat Dye Arcs   Vat Dye Crackles   Vat Dye Pinwheels   Exotic Spirals  Shooter Spirals   Primary Spirals  Multi Spirals  Twisters  Double Dip Crackles  Double Dip Twisters  Center Circles   Torsos   Multi V Dyes   Primary V Dyes

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