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Zippo Lighters Wholesale Sunshine Joy

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Bulk Zippos for Engraving         Butane torch inserts bring Zippo to the modern age.         Download Zippo Catalog

We also carry displays. If you order enough pieces to fill the display, it's free. One per customer. We have two different sizes. There is a 15-face countertop display that measures 3.5" x 8" x 19.75". You must get 45 pieces to get this one at no cost. The 30-face display measures 6.75" x 8" x 20.25". In order to get this at no charge, you must order 90 lighters 

One (1) piece minimum online. Catalog lighters are three (3) per style minimum.  

Zippo lighters are available only to US brick-and-mortar stores.  Any international orders will be canceled. Attempting to export will most likely result in confiscated goods. 

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